For a few weeks, I had a pretty solid daily writing habit going here. Then, things got busy for me and I dropped it.

But it doesn’t take much effort to just pick things up again, so I think I will.

I’m not entirely sure what I want to be writing about these days, but I can discover that along the way.

The last few weeks have involved a whole lot of tedious (but ultimately worthwhile) chores, as I’ve been reorganizing my entire house and throwing out as much stuff as I can. It also has featured many sunburn-inducing bike rides, which I have come to love and look forward to on the days I’m here on my own.

The kids come and go like the tide. Adapting to that shift in energy every few days has been wild, but I am learning how to roll with it.

In theory, in a few days, I’ll be having my first in person visit with friends since the start of the pandemic. After so many months of phone calls and video chats and text messages, it feels weird to break the bubble.

In practice, whether or not that ends up happening depends on how much shit I can manage to shove into a dumpster this weekend.

So we shall see.