Also, coincidentally, the day that my wife and I signed our final divorce agreement. A couple more weeks to go before it is finalized by the courts, but the hard and scary part is done now.

We both walked out of it feeling like we can start fresh on coexisting peacefully as parents, while building our own newly single lives as well.

I am sure that it doesn’t work for all cases, but for us, going with a mediator was a great way to make an insanely complicated process quite a bit simpler, and it kept us from going too far out into the thorn bushes.

The end result was an agreement we both felt was fair. And that’s important, because we’ve got another 12 years to go before our youngest kid is (technically, in the legal sense) “Grown up.”

12 years is also about how long my wife and I were together as partners, so… half way there, I guess? On different roads, but not so far apart as to lose sight of one another any time soon.

Tonight, I’ll pick up my guitar and have a proper practice session for the first time in weeks. Tomorrow, I’ll start digging myself out of all the work I’ve fallen behind on.

One foot in front of the other, one step at a time.

At least right in this very moment, the sun is shining bright, and the breeze is cool but not cold, and there is a wonderful combination of crickets chirping and motorcycle noises overlapping with one another in the most peculiar way.