Finished preparing my 2020 taxes, finally. Dealt with various administrative chores for my dad’s estate.(probate in three states is uh… not fun) Held my dog in her last moments before she died. (Vet thinks it was a stroke) Bought a green laser and got into various hijinx with it. (It reaches all the way acrossContinue reading “2021w18”


Shocking, but not in the live wire sort of way.A trillion electrons scattered upon a blanket, Or nestled within cascading waves of hair. A infinitesimal lightning bolt waiting to strike.Electrostatic but dry, devoid of falling rains.Not silent, but free from bangs and booms. …The jolt still sends you leaping across the room. Your hand pullsContinue reading “Static”


A billion tiny snapshots per day. They blend together at times, if you let them. But you can also choose to let each one pass by in its own separate frame, flickering in and then out of your life like the light of a firefly. Blink. Blink. Blink.