To make use of something, you rarely need to understand how it works, just what it can do for you. To repair something, you do need to understand how it works. Repairing something you have not repaired before involves making mistakes. Mistakes often lead to damage, requiring further repairs, which in turn require even deeperContinue reading “Repair”


Jagged rocks towering above, waves rolling below,,Sparks splashing against orbs and oars,,daylight dissolving into night. You’ve been here before,,hands sifting through quicksand dunes,, reaching a far shore without a coin in your purse. I’ve been here, too. I was looking for something I’d lost,, looking for …


A few weeks ago I stumbled across the Slowly social network. It is about connecting with people from around the world in a deeper way by sending long letters that are delivered with a delay. The farther away you are from someone geographically, the longer it takes for letters to arrive, ranging from a coupleContinue reading “Slowly”