The Boatman

The boatman waits patiently where the sand meets the sea. A wicker hat is all that stands between him and the blinding light of the sun, but that’s all he needs. Half asleep, the boatman rocks and sways along in his little rowboat. The boat’s unmoored, but it never strays far from shore without theContinue reading “The Boatman”

Father’s Day

On this day, I’m reminded that one of the most important responsibilities I have in life is to be a better dad to my kids than my dad was to me. (So far, so good! But there’s always room for improvement.)

Love in Every Thing

There is Grand Scale Personal Love that comes from intense 1:1 relationships, whether it’s between close friends, family members, or romantic partners. But there is also the Small Scale Universal Love that comes from washing the dishes, mowing the lawn, stopping for two minutes to say hello to the neighbor, wiping the nasty eye gunkContinue reading “Love in Every Thing”


Sometimes it is as simple as showing up, especially when you don’t feel like it.

Signs of Life

A slight sunburnLittle cuts and scrapes and bruises Having to take the long way backbecause a few steps off the beaten trackput you between a rockand a hard place. There are worse ways to get lost in life.Worse ways to be running late.


Sometimes you won’t be able to see beyond the next curve of the road you’re on. But trusting that there will be a path that will take you where you want to go, or that you’ll be strong enough to build your own if needed… is what it means to have faith.


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