Christmas Star

Winter solstice, today. Saturn and Jupiter neck and neck in a foot race. So close together yet so far away. Us still spinning in the same place, at a breakneck pace. Something happens “Only every 800 years” every day in space. It still puts a smile on my face. Now, every day will get aContinue reading “Christmas Star”

Cloudy and Cool

Getting outside on a warm and sunny day feels natural. It just happens, there’s very little friction to it. When it’s cloudy and a bit cool, not so cool as to be cold, but cool enough to not feel comfy, it takes a bit more effort to get out the door. Like the weather, less-than-idealContinue reading “Cloudy and Cool”


A billion tiny snapshots per day. They blend together at times, if you let them. But you can also choose to let each one pass by in its own separate frame, flickering in and then out of your life like the light of a firefly. Blink. Blink. Blink.


Last night I had a strange dream about a massive rooftop garden in some city, frozen over, nearly a mile up in the sky. I stood in this garden, in the middle of a blizzard, staring at a rickety rope bridge extending deep out into the unknown, presumably to another mile-high rooftop, while so manyContinue reading “Skyscrapers”

Cleared to Close

As of Monday, I will officially owe mortgage money to a new faceless bank all on my own, rather than having a shared loan with a prior faceless bank. Seems anti-climactic, but this is the final step in untangling the tangle, and well… given that it has taken 100 days so far and literally overContinue reading “Cleared to Close”


Once the Town Clerk at the New Haven Hall of Records fishes out the signed deed I placed in their lobby dropbox today and properly files it, I will officially become the sole owner of the house I’ve lived in for the last decade. That I am excited about. I am slightly less excited aboutContinue reading “Quitclaim”


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