Also, coincidentally, the day that my wife and I signed our final divorce agreement. A couple more weeks to go before it is finalized by the courts, but the hard and scary part is done now. We both walked out of it feeling like we can start fresh on coexisting peacefully as parents, while buildingContinue reading “Equinox”


Lately I have been so caught up in tying up loose ends that it has been hard to notice that beautiful new beginnings are cropping up in my life. But it helps to remember that there are indeed newly planted seeds, though they need to winter over before they can break through the soil andContinue reading “Continued”


Jagged rocks towering above, waves rolling below,,Sparks splashing against orbs and oars,,daylight dissolving into night. You’ve been here before,,hands sifting through quicksand dunes,, reaching a far shore without a coin in your purse. I’ve been here, too. I was looking for something I’d lost,, looking for …


Finally taking a week off, for the first time since the pandemic started. Ugh, so long overdue. Looking forward to some rest!


A few weeks ago I stumbled across the Slowly social network. It is about connecting with people from around the world in a deeper way by sending long letters that are delivered with a delay. The farther away you are from someone geographically, the longer it takes for letters to arrive, ranging from a coupleContinue reading “Slowly”


For a few weeks, I had a pretty solid daily writing habit going here. Then, things got busy for me and I dropped it. But it doesn’t take much effort to just pick things up again, so I think I will. I’m not entirely sure what I want to be writing about these days, butContinue reading “Reboot”

The Boatman

The boatman waits patiently where the sand meets the sea. A wicker hat is all that stands between him and the blinding light of the sun, but that’s all he needs. Half asleep, the boatman rocks and sways along in his little rowboat. The boat’s unmoored, but it never strays far from shore without theContinue reading “The Boatman”

Father’s Day

On this day, I’m reminded that one of the most important responsibilities I have in life is to be a better dad to my kids than my dad was to me. (So far, so good! But there’s always room for improvement.)


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