Signs of Life

A slight sunburnLittle cuts and scrapes and bruises Having to take the long way backbecause a few steps off the beaten trackput you between a rockand a hard place. There are worse ways to get lost in life.Worse ways to be running late.

Of Light

Foam, frothy foam.Mud and salt.A thousand miles of eroded coast. Sunburn.Windburn.Heart burns. Sometimes,Sometimes,Some timesSometimesI Wanna put onmy little gogglesand climba ropeleading somewhereway up highin thesky wheremaybe Icould findsomethingsomethingsome thingsomethingthat Isn’tevergonnaburnquitesobright Buttwinkleseversogentlyin thenight Piercingdarknesswithlittlesprinklesof light. Of Light.

60s of Sound

A cacophony of chirping and squawking,Mechanical keyboard clacking,The beep-beep of a far away truck backing up. Highway noise. Wind. Tree leaves bustling,branches bouncing beneath boisterous birds. The steady drum of a heart beat,ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump. Then a timer goes brrrrrrrrzzzz.